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Because you deserve your happily ever after together.

We know it's out there, that dreamy relationship. In this relationship your partner is your safe haven, your best friend, someone that you love and even like!


But we haven't been taught how to build that relationship and too often a cynical society wants us to give up on that idea. We are supposed to roll our eyes at our partners and settle for good enough.


We believe that you can have a fabulous relationship.


We aren't cynics.


We won't tell you to "settle."


Instead, we will give you the fabulous relationship support you deserve.

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Fabulous and long-lasting relationships take time and attention. Some would have us believe that there are those of us that "get it," people for whom happily ever after comes easily with little effort. It's an instinct, a knack, and if you've been unlucky in love that's just the way it will be. 


But this is wrong!


You can learn to express your needs effectively! The right teacher can show you how to be creative and kind when you disagree. You can discover ways to have more fun in your relationship.  


Fabulous Spouse brings you the best relationship advice from the experts over at Couples Therapy Inc!

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We are very excited about our new course Foundations of a Fabulous Relationship. In this week-long course you will get a sampling of relationship insights, exercises for you and your partner, and advice from our experts. Here's one of the videos from the course that we want to make sure every fabulous spouse is watching out for!

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