How can a couple "win" when it comes to fighting?

Stacy Hubbard

Having issues with communication and conflict? Well, good news (really, it’s good news!) conflict is inevitable, so let us help you learn to do it effectively!


Many people tend to think that conflict in any relationship is a sign that the relationship is doomed. Some people also have a very avoidant view toward the so-called “negative emotions.” Research has shown that conflict is inevitable in all relationships, and it is inevitable simply because there are two minds instead of one, and the probability that these two minds will be in sync on everything is very low.


There are more words for negative emotions that for positive emotions in every language on the planet. Why? Because negative emotions stop us and make us think, why did that happen, what was that all about? Positive emotions like humor and joy just accelerate whatever we are doing, no elaborate thinking required. 


Instead of viewing negative emotions as unwelcome it is important to recognize that behind every negative emotion there is a longing, and a positive need. By empathetically understanding that positive need, you can shine for the person who has that negative emotion. Every negative emotion gives us important information, like a guiding light in life. Negative emotions are therefore an opportunity to connect and to understand our partner better. 


Conflict is also an opportunity to learn how to love our partner better over time by better understanding his or her needs. We need conflict to grow in a relationship. These moments of being out of sync are the opportunities for connection in any relationship. 

We will also be looking at each person’s own preferred style of conflict, and how this relates to the family of origin. This is crucial in any discussion about communication and couples conflicts.


Couples communication, and conflict is a main focus of much of the work I do with couples, these are core skills and elements to an effective relationship. This course is designed to give you some foundational understanding of the inner workings of couples relationship, and how to set yourself up to be successful. You will get homework/ assignments, and lots of information that will allow to use the skills and tools and knowledge for years to come, and for the rest of your life!


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